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Ep. 7: Marlon Chamberlain

Marlon Chamberlain manages the Fully Free campaign of the Heartland Alliance in the Chicago area. In this episode he shares his personal story and insights

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Ep. 6: Sam Dent

In this episode of Justice Voices, you will hear from guest Sam Dent, who served a mandatory minimum 20 years in prison in a case

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Ep. 4: Violentization (part 2)

The root cause of violentization is trauma from chronic exposure to violence, usually beginning in childhood or adolescence. Victims of violence become victimizers. Why? Because

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Ep. 4: Violentization (part 1)

What makes violent people violent? The short answer is violentization. Dangerous violent people almost invariably choose to become violent to survive physically and emotionally in

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Ep 3b: Donna Lomelino (Part Two)

Unless we understand the psychological impact of chronic abuse on victims, we can fail them. Even worse, we can misjudge them, including misjudging them in court.

That’s why this part 2 of Donna Lomelino’s story is so important and instructive. 

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Ep 03a: Donna Lomelino (Part 1)

This episode of Justice Voices will be emotionally intense.

Facing realities involved in criminal justice policy sometimes is, including facing the
reality of what a lifetime of abuse and exploitation can do to people.

Some prisons are physical, made of concrete and steel. Other prisons are psychological.

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Ep 02: Lynard Joiner Update

In this update to Episode 1, host David Risley, a former career federal prosecutor, has a conversation
with one of his former defendants, Lynard Joiner, founder and CEO of Shifting Into New Gear (SING).

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Ep 01: Lynard Joiner

“Going to prison saved my life.”

That is what guest, Lynard Joiner, said during this conversation with host, David Risley.
It is also the subtitle of an autobiographical book written by Lynard Joiner, titled, LJ’s Cocoon.

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