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Ep 01: Lynard Joiner

“Going to prison saved my life.”

That is what guest, Lynard Joiner, said during this conversation with host, David Risley.
It is also the subtitle of an autobiographical book written by Lynard Joiner, titled, LJ’s Cocoon.

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Ep 00: Prison is Crime College — 3 Doses of Reality

That is the first of three doses of criminal justice reality described in this introductory episode by Justice Voices founder and host, David Risley, former career federal prosecutor and former Director of Public Safety Policy in the Illinois Governor’s office.Reality dose #2: Prisons do only one thing well — incapacitation of dangerous criminals.

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Covid Special Episode: Lynard Joiner

Lynard Joiner almost died from COVID-19 and even 8 months later still suffers from
long-term lung and heart damage.

He shares his experience and a message: “COVID is for real. Do the right thing,
wear your mask, stay safe and help keep others safe.”

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